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Chapel Hill residents enjoy our town’s vitality, diversity, good schools, natural beauty, college town character, and livable scale. It’s a good place to live, raise a family, and operate a business. But these qualities of Chapel Hill are threatened by national trends of gentrification and misguided town policies.

In 2015, Chapel Hill residents joined together to form C.H.A.L.T. In light of recent changes in Chapel Hill, we wanted to elect new leaders to the town council. So many voters responded to CHALT’s concerns that we successfully elected a new mayor and several council members.

As a result of the 2015 election, the Town government become more responsive to resident input. We’ve seen some progress toward making a livable Town, such as the purchase of the American Legion property to create a new community park. But we don’t yet have a council majority that shares our vision or concerns. That’s why this election is every bit as important as the last one.

CHALT invites you to work with us to implement our vision.