Supporting Leaders Who Listen

Our Goals

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We want Chapel Hill to remain a livable town.

New developments in Chapel Hill are putting small business and affordable housing at risk.  We believe that with a broad vision and comprehensive planning our leaders can stop paralyzing traffic congestion, overcrowded schools, loss of affordable housing and shopping, and escalating taxes.

Our goals are to:

  1. Protect and improve the college town character we value;
  2. Improve traffic and transit problems;
  3. Require high standards for new development;
  4. Promote affordable housing, jobs and shopping for all residents; and
  5. Spend our tax money wisely

To achieve these goals CHALT will:

  • Offer constructive suggestions to Town leaders on matters of policy, planning, and governance with the aid of well researched, data driven analysis;
  • Grow a network of Chapel Hill residents and other stakeholders who share subject matter expertise and an interest in keeping our town livable;
  • Produce a newsletter with timely essays and comment on local issues, hold public educational forums by noted speakers, all for the purpose of bringing thoughtful discourse and constructive change to our community;
  • Educate uninvolved citizens about Town policies on transportation, affordable housing, financial management, and the implications of poorly planned new development; and
  • Identify and support candidates for elected office who share the organization’s values.