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Current CHALT Projects

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What can you do to help!

  • Help us to build community by signing up people for our newsletter
  • Join one of our issue teams to study and advocate for ways to improve our town.
  • Support our Speakers Series with a contribution.
  • Volunteer to plan a forum at

What are the Town projects in which CHALT has been engaged? Contact us if you would like to help on any of these projects.

  1. Press for more parks. Support developing Legion Road property park.
  2. Improve Epehsus Fordham “Blue Hill” Code. Advocate for changes or the replacement of the Ephesus Fordham district form-based code.
  3. Ease traffic congestion. Work with us to advocate for better transportation
  4. Keep property taxes from rising. Advcate for high tech jobs for Chapel Hill
  5. Make safer bicycle travel.  Press for dedicated revenue for bike facility construction.
  6. Address flooding problems.  Build in state of art stormwater requirements; invest in stormwater improvements.
  7. Living wage. Support a living wage for Orange County employees