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What are the ingredients of good transportation planning


  • Use a traffic model to measure the impact of present and future planned traffic for an area of interest, Ephesus Fordham. This tool needs to measure cumulative traffic impacts from I-40 along Fordham (15-501)  to South Columbia Street including likely development out through 2030. The model can be expanded to estimate traffic on major arteries throughout Town and thus help the Town make better infrastructure decisions. The Town has just released the draft executive summary of the Transportation Impact Analysis for the Ephesus Fordham District. On September 5th they release all parts of the report. It’s still reading and after a careful analysis we will report back on this page.


  •  Create and implement  a Town-wide pedestrian and bike plan. The draft of the Chapel Hill Mobility and Connectivity Plan  has just been released and is to be presented to Town Council Oct 25 for approval. In summary, the “Plan” is a very good account of the mobility and connection needs of Chapel Hill residents. Overall, the Plan’s focus on the 5 main road corridors in Chapel Hill and the concept of interconnecting existing Greenways into an off-road bike/pedestrian network of 6 paths is exceptionally good. However, noting that the document is still a draft, there are a few significant flaws that need to be addressed before the document is finalized and presented to Town Council. Read our analysis here.  Also view mobility expert John Pucher’s CHALT seminar.  John Pucher Lecture Slides – 2.19.15


  •  CHALT is committed to explore options to improve mobility for working families, students, seniors and others within Chapel Hill and throughout the Triangle. We are especially interested in transportation that includes buses and demand services (like EZ Rider and Uber), and that alignswith development and growth patterns in our county. We are not supportive of the planned Durham-Orange light rail because its too expensive, siphons transit monies that could otherwise help to build a robust transit network, and does not connect our economic centers. Read the Orange County transportation plan here.