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Local elections will be held on November 7, 2017, for the Carrboro Board of Aldermen, the Chapel Hill Town Council,  and the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education.

Who is running for Town Council in Chapel Hill?

In Chapel Hill, voters will elect a mayor to a 2-year term for the seat currently held by incumbent Pam Hemminger.  She won a contested campaign in 2015 and is unopposed.  Seven candidates compete for four 4-year terms for seats.  The candidates are: Allen Buansi, Hongbin Gu, Ed Harrison (incumbent), Maria Palmer (incumbent), Rachel Schaevitz, Karen Stegman, and Carl Schuler.

Who is running for the Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools Board of Education?

These candidates are vying for three seats for a 4 year term:  James Barrett (incumbent), Joal Hall Broun (incumbent), Carl Deutchbein, Amy Fowler, and Mary Ann Wolf.

Who May Vote Early?

  • Any Orange County registered voter may vote at any Orange County One-Stop Early Voting Site.
  • Registered voters may update their address and change vital information on their existing registration during this time. Party Changes are not allowed during the Early Voting period.
  • Eligible individuals who are not registered to vote, may register and vote during the One-Stop Early Voting period. They must bring an approved HAVA ID (bank statement, drivers license, utility bill) showing their name and current address.
  • Any individual may vote a Provisional Ballot if unable to meet the requirements to register and vote a regular ballot at the time they present to vote.
    All Provisional Ballot applications will be researched and considered for approval or denial by the Board on canvass day (7 or 10 days after the Election based on the type of Election), based on the information provided by the voter.

How Do I Vote Early?

  • Appear at one of the designated One-Stop Early Voting sites during the Early Voting period, state your name and current address. Once identified on the voter registration list, you will be given the same ballot that you would be given on Election Day.

When Does Early Voting Begin?

  • Early Voting starts the 3rd Thursday prior to Election Day (17 days before the upcoming Election) and ends on the Saturday prior to Election Day (3 days before the upcoming Election).

How do I vote absentee?   See Orange County Board of Elections here.