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A strong educationally sound school system is fundamental to our community’s well being. Many have argued that Town Government has nothing to do with the local school system.  We believe that is “stovepipe” thinking. Joint planning for infrastructure among the Town, County and school officials is essential to the well being of our Chapel Hill-Carrboro public school system.


School News

Annetta Streater resigns from School Board  Annette Streater submitted her letter of resignation and her last board meeting was September 18, according to a release from the district. Accroding to Chair Barrett, “Annetta Streater consistently brought her voice to our conversations and ensured we considered the impact of every decision on all students.”  Ms Streater’s resignation means that on Nov 7th we will now vote for up to 4 candidates, and the 4th place vote-getter will serve the remainder of Ms. Streater’s term until 2019.  Reopened filing will likely take place the first week of October.

Pamela Baldwin, our new Superintendent Dr. Baldwin has enjoyed a successful career in public education spanning over 17 years in North Carolina. Since 2014, she has served as the superintendent of the Asheville City Schools in Asheville, North Carolina. She spearheaded with the State Employees Credit Union, Buncombe County Schools, Buncombe County Government, and Eblen Charities to create an housing opportunities for teachers in Asheville.

School Facilities.  The successful “Kids and Families” Bond drive held last November raised money for only two projects:  Chapel Hill High School and Lincoln Center.  We learned that many Older Schools Need a Overhaul. Our schools flood and run with archaic heating and cooling systems.  We were thrilled the Nov 2016 bond passed but we need to do much more.  Major renovations are needed at many of our older schools.  It’s incumbent on all of us to keep pushing the Older Schools Need Overhaul and remind our County Commissioners that our schools are our major asset and that it’s our County Commissioners’ responsibility to rehabilitate these older schools.

Frustrated Parents not Getting Answers from PTA Thrfts Shop Management  The PTA Thrift Shop’s funding cuts to local schools and silence from its leaders are leaving a lot of parents frustrated, current and former PTA leaders say.

Carrboro’s Safe Routes to Schools Program