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A strong educationally sound school system is fundamental to our community’s well being. Good teachers and an suitable facilities are key.  .

There is no question that the county has over the past tow decade allow the condition of its school facilities languish. The Bond issue on NOvember 8 is the first step to fix the problem – Chapel Hill High School and Lincoln Center. The Schools do have a plan to update and repair the older schools. Here is a link to the 3 phase plan.

Here is a link to the video put out by the schools –

School Board members Mia Burroughs and James Barrett explain that, as far as the school system in concerned, growth is not paying for itself:

“This community grew like crazy in the 1990s and early 2000s,” says Mia Burroughs, who served seven years on the CHCCS board prior to becoming an Orange County commissioner in 2014. “We were bringing online an entirely new school every few years or so. Then the recession hit, and there were various funding cuts with the state, and the districts got kind of caught up by that.”

As growth in the school districts slowed, the challenge became maintaining aging schools.

“There hasn’t been a significant increase in county funding for renovations at schools, even as we’ve added all these new buildings,” says CHCCS chairman James Barrett. “So now we have more build ings to maintain and not enough ongoing capital money to do things like replace roofs and heating systems.”